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Introducing my main character

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Full Deets

Name: Sarah Perkins

Age: 17

Hair & Eyes: Light Brown w/ Blonde highlights, Hazel eyes

Residence: Complicated. I grew up in Miami, but I ran away to live with my aunt now, in Virginia

Background Info: My dad died when I was a baby. I never knew any other family on his side–until now. My mom’s a teenager in an adult’s body. She goes out, parties, and has had way more boyfriends than I’ve even had. Lame. But I guess you could say I’m used to getting what I want.

Music Taste: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, P!nk (TiK ToK by Ke$ha was my jam before coming to Adams. Now, I haven’t had time to think of music, but I’m guessing it would be dark and depressing. Maybe Adele, or Paramore.)

Love Interest: (Is this really a necessary question?) His name starts with a D, and ends with none of your business.

Behind the Scenes

I named Sarah after my sister. I only have one really stupid reason why, and it’s not the normal reason. They’re not alike in any way. Both might have some of the same qualities, but if I based Sarah Perkins on my real life sister, this story would have been really different. So, the stupid reason why I named my main character after my sister? I didn’t want to forget her name! The book Blood Hex evolved from was named, The Desk. (I know, corny.) And it was my first attempt at a full-length book. (Hence why I had to rewrite it so many times.) I was unsure of whether I’d have a hard time remembering my main character’s name, and that’s why I went with a name that I couldn’t possibly forget, my sister’s. The name kind of stuck after that. I thought about changing it a few times, but nothing seemed to fit quite as perfect as Sarah. For the record, I rewrote this book several times, and have written two completely different books with names that I did not take from a family member, and have yet to forget my main character’s name. Chalk it up to beginner’s paranoia.

If I had to pick one song that encapsulated Sarah’s journey, it would be World So Cold by Three Days Grace. Below is the piano version. It’s softer than the normal version, which suits her better.

So, what else? Any other questions for Sarah? My main character, not my sister! 🙂

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