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Blood Hex Release Day in GIF’s

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It's here

*sings* “My book is out! My book is out!”

happy dance

*Happy Dance*

freaking out

“Whoa. Wait. My book is out. That’s craziness.”

this guy

“It’s cool. I’m good. Who wrote a book? This guy.”


Then my husband’s all like, “Chill out.”

I'm fine

“Whatever. I’m fine.”

Rinse, wash, repeat, ALL DAY YESTERDAY. All 16 hours I was awake. I might sleep for days…

Enter to Win a copy of Blood Hex

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I’m giving away a copy of Blood Hex on Goodreads! Enter here for your chance to win!


Also, this video here pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today…


Cover Reveal: BLOOD HEX

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bloodhexcoverTwo girls. Four centuries. One curse.

Isabella started it–all because a boy fell in love with her–but it ends with Sarah.

They meet in secret, Isabella and Thomas, during the witching hours while the rest of the villagers hide behind locked doors. And even though she’s scared, she wants Thomas more. He’ll protect her from the night, from his father who’ll decide her future, from the paranoia-fueled hunting parties taking away innocents.

Centuries later, seventeen-year old Sarah runs away to an aunt she never knew she had. Her dad? Dead. Her mother? A liar. All she wants is memories of a father she never got–memories her mom refused to give her–memories she is determined to get from her aunt, her father’s journal, and a town full of crazies.

What she discovers is her father’s death isn’t as innocent as everybody claims, and everyone–the Wiccans, the townies, even her quasi-boyfriend–all seem to be hiding something. The secret the history-rich town lives to keep entangles Sarah into a centuries old witch curse.

Isn’t it made of awesome! I could not be happier. Seriously. Evernight Teen’s cover artist did exactly what I wanted. For the occasion, here’s a never-before-seen excerpt from Blood Hex!

I took it all in. Giant banners announced “Adams Colonization”, eerie witch posters and mannequins with stringy green hair and large, red eyeballs stared back. The guards along the stage dressed in old brown suits and hats I guessed were supposed to be replicas of what the first settlers wore. The costumes reminded me of pilgrims. They stood at attention, faces impassible as they monitored the crowd. The picture sank into my brain, this parallel reality where past met present in a jumbled mesh.

Drake leaned into me again. “Sorry. I should have told you.”

No wonder why she said she was too busy to hang out with me. I snuck forward a little, caught up in the surprise appearance of Rose. The arm that had been touching Drake instantly chilled. He was so nice. And cute. But the reason why I came here was up on that stage.

Rose’s voice rang out, low and seductive. “On this day in 1610, our ancestors inhabited a foreign land. Today, we call that piece of land Adams, Virginia.” Scattered applause swelled through the park. “Our ancestors brought with them superstition…and fear from England. Men and women, children—all terrified of one thing.” Rose’s hypnotic voice was mesmerizing and I leaned forward even more. “Witches.” The stare of an old, wise woman lingered over everybody and when her eyes met mine, a pool of black reflected the licking orange flames.

“They fled here, terrified of the supernatural. They hoped to start a new life. One without the constant paranoia. They failed. Our ancestors lived in complete, maddening, unrelenting fear their entire lives. Are we like them?” Audible no’s and descending grunts rose from the crowd. “No. We’re not.” Her voice pitched higher, and louder. “Today, we embrace our history. Today, we stare the supernatural in the face and laugh at it.” Loud cheers erupted from every corner of the park and Rose shouted over them, “Today, we celebrate!”

Rose motioned to the side of the reaching flames. Two men in the ugly brown trousers and jackets nodded. “During this opening ceremony, we will conquer fear as they did back in the old days.” The men pulled at ropes, hoisting a cross into the air. Mounted to the cross beam was the body of a woman, her mouth agape in horror.

I drew in a sharp breath. I felt Drake move next to me so I turned my gaze on him. A sly smile graced his face. He put his arm around me, pulling me closer. “Are you scared?” he whispered.

I couldn’t speak. These people were freakin’ crazy. My eyes darted through the crowd, looking for a policeman—somebody—who might stop this.

“Don’t worry. We always do this on opening night,” Drake said, pulling me even closer, rubbing my shoulder with his hand.

I wanted to scream at him to do something, to help the poor woman. He only sat smiling, eyes bright with anticipation. I knocked his hand off me and pulled away, but before I could wiggle free of Drake’s arms and run to the fire pit, the cotton clothes the woman wore caught fire from the reaching flames underneath. My breath clogged my throat. I didn’t know whether to scream first, or cry.

The flames spread fast. The waistline already edged with black char before the fire incinerated it. Dark gray smoke furled over the helpless woman and puffed up toward the blood red sky.

You can add Blood Hex to Goodreads here!

I’m a guest at Evernight Teen’s Blog today!

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I’m a guest poster over at Evernight Teen’s blog today talking about doing the impossible. Check it out by clicking the picture below!

Character Introduction: Drake

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Name: Drake Connors

Age: 18

Hair & Eyes: Brown and blonde, a mix of both. Blue eyes.

Residence: Admas, Virginia all the way

Background Info: I live with my Pops, my dad’s Dad. He’s taken care of me since I was younger when my parents died. Rose, a neighbor, she helped look after me too. Now, I look after them. Pops is getting old so he needs a lot of help around the house. And Rose, I help mow her lawn and other odd jobs.

Music Taste: Doesn’t matter as long as it’s on the heavy side.

Love Interest: Sarah (If Marlene doesn’t screw it up.) Sarah is Rose’s niece and she’s just so different from all the other girls around here. She’s visiting for the summer.

Behind the Scenes: I remember having a hard time coming up with Drake’s name. I went through several before deciding on Drake and I’m glad I did because I think it suits him. He’s absolutely adorable and fun to write. He’s very passionate and loyal, which helps and hurts him throughout the story. Sarah can be kind of spunky but Drake doesn’t take her crap either. I like that about him.

Here’s some inspiration for Drake and Sarah that I used when writing the story:

Cute, right??

By Garry Knight from Bromley, Kent, England (In Love) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Evernight Teen Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

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Welcome to Evernight Teen’s Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! Would you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with free books? You would? GREAT! How about a super secret snippet from my upcoming debut novel, Blood Hex? *sees everyone nodding their heads* AWESOME!  You are definitely in the right place. It just so happens that I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with my fellow author peeps from Evernight Teen! Each of my talented publishing buddies is releasing a teaser from their book, as well as giving away a prize on their blogs! Join the fun!

My super secret snippet is below. All you have to do to win a $10 gift card from either Amazon or B&N is read my teaser and then answer the following question: What is more “Sarah’s scene back home”? Answer in the comments below and I will draw one randon winner to win the gift card! Happy reading!

Drake’s idea of total normal teenager fun involved a bonfire in the woods. And a party. I could go for a party.

I let Drake drive the Escalade. He maneuvered it down the same dirt road we had taken before for the Wiccan meeting. This time, instead of candles and prayers, the Crazies tried to vibrate two-hundred year old trees with loud, thumping music and light up the sky with a blazing fire. The burning wood sent thick smoke up into the dusk night, clearly visible from back on the main road. “You guys don’t get in trouble?”

“Nah. The cops leave us alone during the festival. They have too much other stuff to worry about.” He peeked at me briefly, hands still holding onto the steering wheel firmly at ten and two. I threatened him with his life. “Of course if they hear you’re here, they’ll probably make a special trip.”

I laughed. “Do you think your friend thinks I’m a nut job?”

“Probably, but I’m sure he sees a lot of ‘em.”

I smirked at Drake. He wore a pair of nice jeans over Tims with a loose fitting polo, hair gelled and spiked. “So, did you dress up for your old girlfriends?”

“Ha. No…”

I peered down at myself, noticing we somehow exchanged fashions. I wore a plain white v-neck over blue jeans and sneakers, liking the fact I didn’t have to wear heels every time I went out. “You look nice,” I told him.

“Nice, huh?” He nodded and shrugged. “I’ll take nice.”

Groups stood near coolers and passed around drinks. Some swayed back and forth to music, and more than a few made out along the fringes where the firelight barely reached.

Now this reminded me of home. Except for the forest part. Sneaking out to beach parties was more my scene back home. Who knew, forest parties could be fun too.

“What do you want to drink?” Drake asked, hopping out of the SUV.

“What do you got?”

Drake led me over to a cooler. He said hey to a few friends as they parted, leaving us a straight shot to raid the drinks.

Beer. And a lot of it.

“I didn’t know you rolled like this,” I joked.

Drake smiled. “Which kind?”

“The bottle.” He opened it for me and I took a sip, face puckering. I’d much rather have a fruity daiquiri or wine.

The heat of the fire drew me closer. I used to go camping with Jamie and her family until we grew out of it at about the age of thirteen or so. Ah, thirteen, the age where you start to question everything. The age when I realized my mother was a joke.

“What are you smirking at?” Drake asked.

I looked over at him. His face reflected the orange flames. “My mother.”

“What about her?”

I shook my head and laughed. “I was just thinking how when I was thirteen, it started to really bother me that Mom would bring home her ‘guy friends’.” I picked up a branch and stuck the end in the fire. “She wanted me to become friends with all these guys, yet she wouldn’t tell me anything about my own father. She wanted me to know that John Smith had a condo in the Hamptons, but didn’t even want to tell me what team my father liked in baseball. She wanted me to care about these other, stupid guys.”

I brought the flaming stick to my mouth and blew it out, leaving the tip burning like hot coal. “One fight in particular, she told me she ‘threw all his shit away’ because all it did was piss her off to look at it.” I wrote my name in cursive in the sky, tiny embers flying off the edge of the stick, leaving a trail of orange glow as I swooped the letters. “Well, now that pissed me off. She took away my ability to find out about my own father because of what it did to her.” I turned the S into a D and started writing Dad’s name in the cursive that resembled his, over and over until the sparks died. “That’s my selfish mother for ya.”

I threw the stick in the fire and downed the rest of the beer. It went down easier than taking little sips. Drake put his arm around me and squeezed. I lifted my chin and stared at him. His eyes mirrored the flames before he closed them and moved closer. I let him, meeting him in the middle.

My kiss was eager, more romantic than friendship like the last time we kissed. I kissed him like I wanted to earlier when we laid on my bed. When our hearts beat together. When his lips looked so soft. They were soft.

“You know I really like you,” Drake said. “And it sounds to me like you shouldn’t even go back to Florida.”

He talked out his ass. “And what? Am I just supposed to stay here?”

He shrugged. “Even if you did go back. It’s not like you and I don’t have cell phones, or computers. And I don’t know if you’ve heard, they have this new invention called an airplane. It could really be useful–”

“Shut up.”

I reached up on my toes to kiss him again, but he stopped me. “I’m serious.”

“I know.” I put my fingers around his neck and pulled him to me, kissing him again before turning back to the blaze.

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Also, check out the blurb for Blood Hex on Goodreads and add it to your to-read list! The blog hop runs until the 17th, so don’t forget to spread the word.


Introducing my main character

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Full Deets

Name: Sarah Perkins

Age: 17

Hair & Eyes: Light Brown w/ Blonde highlights, Hazel eyes

Residence: Complicated. I grew up in Miami, but I ran away to live with my aunt now, in Virginia

Background Info: My dad died when I was a baby. I never knew any other family on his side–until now. My mom’s a teenager in an adult’s body. She goes out, parties, and has had way more boyfriends than I’ve even had. Lame. But I guess you could say I’m used to getting what I want.

Music Taste: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, P!nk (TiK ToK by Ke$ha was my jam before coming to Adams. Now, I haven’t had time to think of music, but I’m guessing it would be dark and depressing. Maybe Adele, or Paramore.)

Love Interest: (Is this really a necessary question?) His name starts with a D, and ends with none of your business.

Behind the Scenes

I named Sarah after my sister. I only have one really stupid reason why, and it’s not the normal reason. They’re not alike in any way. Both might have some of the same qualities, but if I based Sarah Perkins on my real life sister, this story would have been really different. So, the stupid reason why I named my main character after my sister? I didn’t want to forget her name! The book Blood Hex evolved from was named, The Desk. (I know, corny.) And it was my first attempt at a full-length book. (Hence why I had to rewrite it so many times.) I was unsure of whether I’d have a hard time remembering my main character’s name, and that’s why I went with a name that I couldn’t possibly forget, my sister’s. The name kind of stuck after that. I thought about changing it a few times, but nothing seemed to fit quite as perfect as Sarah. For the record, I rewrote this book several times, and have written two completely different books with names that I did not take from a family member, and have yet to forget my main character’s name. Chalk it up to beginner’s paranoia.

If I had to pick one song that encapsulated Sarah’s journey, it would be World So Cold by Three Days Grace. Below is the piano version. It’s softer than the normal version, which suits her better.

So, what else? Any other questions for Sarah? My main character, not my sister! 🙂

Blood Hex will be published!

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This is every writer’s dream. He or she who spends time by themselves making up stories, detaching themselves from their family for a period of time, doing something that they love…to know that they’ll see their work all the way through…it’s just amazing. I’m happy to announce that my debut novel, Blood Hex, will be published by Evernight Teen.

Release date is currently set for April 2013. In April, I will see my words, my story, in a book. And other people will get to read that book! It’s overwhelming!

To add Blood Hex to your Goodreads list, click here.